5 Ways to Support Creative Businesses For Free!

There are lots of people out there that are keen to show their support for small business and creatives, but some people are doing it tough financially at the moment and don’t have a lot of spare cash. So I thought I would share some ideas of how you can support creative businesses – for free!

1. Give Them Some Support Online

You can choose to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ creative businesses on social media, comment on their posts and share the posts that you find interesting or you think your friends might like. This helps creative businesses to get their name out to possible new customers, and they just love knowing that they have a team behind them supporting what they do!

2. Write a Testimonial or Review

People are more likely to support creative businesses that other people like and trust. So if you have bought products or artworks from a person or business in the past, you could write a review or email them a testimonial.

3. Share a Previous Purchase

If you already have an item made by a creative that you love, share this with your friends and tell them where they can find it too.

4. Plan a ‘Handmade Christmas’

Get together with family and agree to have a Christmas where gifts are handmade where possible. These could be handmade by the person giving the gift, but it could also include gifts made by local artists or crafters.

5. Sign Up to their Newsletter

By signing up, you’ll be the first to hear about their new projects, and that’s often where they will point you to specific ways you can support them.. This might include free events that you can attend.

And if you do have a couple of dollars to spend, just know this….

Support Creative Businesses For Free Margaret White Art

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