Kākāpō Wins Bird Of The Year 2020!

Kakapo Bird of the Year 2020

The kākāpō has won New Zealand’s ‘Bird of the Year’ contest for 2020!⁠

I must admit I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t one of our lesser known endangered birds. It’s so hard to stay impartial when Bird of the Year 2020 was such a hotly contested title. However, it does sit in the corner of my ‘Flying Around?‘ tea bag artwork and keep an eye on the others – particularly at night when the rest are napping

New Zealand Bird Art By Margaret White Linocut on Tea Bags

This is a second elected term for the kākāpō after winning Bird of the Year back in 2008, so with all that experience we expect great things of the ⁠kākāpō!

The Bird of the Year contest involved 73 different birds, including 6 newcomers to the competition in 2020. I do feel for the Red Knot who was amongst these newcomers. It was the first bird to be eliminated from the contest with only 11 first place votes out of a total of 48,745 “verified votes”. Yes, even Bird of the Year is subject to instances of fraudulent voting!

So a big congratulations to the kākāpō, and let’s hope the Red Knot fares better in 2021 (Although as a migratory species, it could just decide to fly offshore to avoid the politics!).

The Newsroom website has a very detailed article on the breakdown of the election results for Bird of The Year 2020, plus some commentary on trends occurring over past years of this contest. I highly recommend reading their article if you are interested in statistics, politics or NZ birds:

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