Ink Tube Storage: My Happy Junk Shop Find

Ink Tube Storage for Printmaking

I have tried lots of different ways to store various art supplies. My ink tubes have been in baskets, food containers, and even in pencil cases, but I have always wanted better ink tube storage. I needed a way to keep my tubes of ink all in one easy to access place. Another requirement was that the labels on each tube would be visible.

I dropped off some donations to our local 2nd hand store the other day, and decided to have a wander around. A dusty box minus its lid was sitting at the back of a shelf. I spied the sloping dividers up the middle. Was this an old filing box? Was it a box to store photos in? I wondered if it might help me sort out some of my greeting cards and envelope supplies.

Carefully reaching over the old jars and vases in front I lifted it off the shelf. I turned it over and read the price sticker – only $3. I wasn’t sure exactly what it was going to be useful for, but I felt certain it would be useful (Isn’t that how shopping in these places works?!).

So minus $3 and with an old lidless box I drove home.

First, I tried to use the box to sort out my greeting cards supplies . It did work, but to be honest I would have needed more of these boxes to make an impact on the organisation of my greeting card range. Then I spied the pile of ink tubes I had left out on my studio desk….

…The next thing I knew I was the proud owner of a $3 Ink Tube storage system!

If this is what you can achieve for $3, I wonder what I might find on my next junk shop visit?!

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