Hand-Printing My Daisy Greeting Cards

This year I started hand-printing greeting cards in my studio. I saw this as a way to diversify my income from art, provide me with new creative design briefs, and give my supporters an affordable way to access hand-printed items.

The other great thing I have found is that people who purchase my greeting cards often then send them to friends or family around the world. As an artist it is always lovely to be able to share your art with fresh new eyes, and this is what happens when people mail my greeting cards to friends and family around the world.

Hand-Printing Greeting Cards Daisies Margaret White Art

All the hand-printed items in my shop are ‘open-edition’ prints. This just means that I don’t set a limit on how many items I can make from each plate. Although in reality, a lino block doesn’t last forever, and so as the blocks wear out, these designs will gradually retire and be replaced by new designs.

I recently put together a video that shows the printing process for my hand-coloured greeting cards. Each card is hand-printed, dried, and then coloured by hand using watercolours. I find hand-printing these greeting cards quite therapeutic, but I still make them in small batches of around 30 cards at a time to keep life interesting!

You can purchase hand-printed greeting cards in my online shop:

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