Float Mounting Artwork

I use the technique of float mounting artwork when framing many of my prints on paper, but also when mounting my tea bag artworks. I will explain here what float mounting is, when to use it, and the materials needed. I have included a video that explains the process as well.

Aviation Print on Teabags Margaret White Art NZ

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What is Float Mounting?

Float mounting artwork is an option when framing artworks on paper and is when the art “floats” on top of the mat board rather than being held down by the edges of a mat board frame.

When to Use It?

Floating mounting artwork is a great choice for showing the edges of fine art paper. This is particularly effective when the paper has a deckle edge.

Materials needed for Float Mounting Artworks

  • Acid-Free Mat Board: It is important to use an acid-free mat board behind your artwork as the artwork is likely to still come in contact with the mat board once mounted.
  • Archival Hinging Tape: It is important that the tape used to float mount the artworks is also acid-free to prevent damage to the artwork over time.

How to Float Mount an Artwork

Different Hinging Tapes Available

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