Deckle Edged Paper

I often like to print on deckle edged paper. This short article explains the origins of deckle edges and why I choose to finish some of my printing papers this way.

Deckle Edge Paper Printmaking -  Origins example of use in old text

Origins of Deckle Edged Paper

Paper with a feathered edge is described as having a deckle edge, in contrast to a clean cut edge that may have been created with a knife or machine.

A “deckle” was the wooden frame that was used in traditional paper-making. The wooden frame was where the paper fibers were pressed up to when making paper from pulp. When the slurry got under or on top of the frame it created a rough edge to the paper.

Deckle Edge Paper Printmaking Example from Margaret White Art

Using a Deckle Edge in my Art

On some of my prints I choose to create a deckle edge on the paper by hand. Many of the fine art papers I use come with at least two edges that have a deckle. A deckle is a nod to the craftsmanship that went into making the paper. The cotton rag papers that I use can create a beautiful deckle edge when scored and gently ripped outwards.

I choose to use a deckle edge as it celebrates the beauty of the papers I use, but also helps to highlight that the art I create is made by hand.

View some of the artworks where I have used deckle edged paper in my online gallery.

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