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Flexcut Slip Strop Review – How To Keep Your Lino Tools Sharp

Flexcut Slip Strop Review

A couple of months ago I invested in some Pfeil lino cutting tools. I then purchased a Flexcut Slip Strop so I could keep them sharp while carving. This is a short review of my experience purchasing the Flexcut Slip Strop, and afterwards using this product. Hopefully, this might help out others who are considering buying a Slip Strop to sharpen their lino cutting tools.

Hand-Printing My Daisy Greeting Cards

Hand-Printing Greeting Cards Daisies Margaret White Art

This year I started hand-printing greeting cards in my studio. I saw this as a way to diversify my income from art, and give my supporters an affordable way to access hand-printed items. I recently put together a video that shows the printing process for my hand-coloured greeting cards…