Float Mounting Artwork

Aviation Print on Teabags Margaret White Art NZ

I use the technique of float mounting artwork when framing many of my prints on paper, but also when mounting my tea bag artworks. I will explain here what float mounting is, when to use it, and the materials needed

Make Your Own Art Drying Rack

Print or Art Drying Rack made from wood and dowel rods suitable for an art or printmaking studio

Is your studio covered in prints and artworks laid out to dry? This post explains how I made my own art drying rack to regain the floor space and work surfaces for other things.

Deckle Edged Paper

Margaret White Art Linocut Typography Outdoors

I often like to print on deckle edged paper. This short article explains the origins of deckle edges and why I choose to finish some of my printing papers this way.

Sketching Outdoors: 7 Things You Should Pack

Sketching Outdoors: Packing for a hike or tramp

Sketching when I travel and explore the great outdoors is an essential part of my art. Not only does it provide regular drawing practice, the sketches provide inspiration for many of the prints that I later create back in the studio.

Choosing a Travel Watercolour Set

Near the top of my packing list when we travel is my Winsor and Newton Cotman Mini Plus Watercolour Travel Set. Here’s a short review for anyone looking to pick up a pocket-sized watercolour set for travel or outdoor adventuring.

What is a Variable Edition Print?

Variable Editions Margaret White

Normally, when you are printing an edition, you are striving to make each print in the edition as close to identical as possible. With a variable edition (also called a “varied edition”) most of the image information is still coming from the plates, but the artist is intentionally manipulating the printing in some way.

How To Fit Art in Your Handbag

I normally have several sketchbooks on the go at once. I have two studio sketchbooks that I use for planning out new artworks, a travel sketchbook that goes in my backpack when we head out on walks or for holidays, and finally I have my handbag sketchbook