5 Awesome Android Apps that Artists Will Love

Other artists have asked me which phone apps I use as part of my art practice and business. As well as the usual social media apps, here are a couple of other useful android apps for artists:

YouCut – Video Editor

Android Apps for Artists

YouCut is a great app for quick and easy video editing. I use it for making short video clips showing my artistic process. The app is able to crop videos for various social media formats and can also resize files if needed.


PicCollage is an easy app to use if you ever want to create a montage of several images as one photo. The free app does put the pic collage branding on the corner of the montage though. If this is a problem – try Canva.

Art Portfolio

Art Portfolio is my solution to showcasing my art when I am out of cellphone/data cover. For example I’m sitting sketching in a wilderness area (a frequent occurence) and a passerby starts talking to me about my art. This app is an easy and accessible way to showcase your work without having to scroll through your camera roll. Do note that it is not being updated and you are unable to update the year, but it still does perform the basic functions I need it for

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is the app that I use to listen to podcasts on art while I am carving. It seems to access a good number of the podcasts I like and is easy to use. A couple of the podcasts I am currently listening to are: Artists Helping Artists, Beyond the Studio and The Thriving Artist.


Later Social Media Scheduling for Artists Android Apps

Later is a social media scheduling app. As much as I would love to just sit in my studio and create, I do need to share my work with the world to create a thriving successful art business. Yes, I used that word ‘business’, which artists sometimes hate, but we all need to pay our bills and eat. Later allows me to still engage with social media and still have time to create by scheduling posts and uploading them for me automatically.

As I come across other useful android apps for artists I will add them to this post. If anyone has any suggestions for other apps I should be using, please let me know here!

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