8 Interesting Books to Add to Your Reading List

Although not strictly related to my art practice, but definitely supporting a creative mind, here are 8 really interesting books you might like to add to your reading list.

I always love receiving recommendations of books from others, so please comment below if you think there is a book that I should add to my reading list

So here is a quick snapshot of my latest reads to share with you (in no particular order)…

All Our Shimmering Skies Reader Recommendation

Like an Australian fairy tale – the storyline of this book was so unexpected and made for a great read.

Reader Recommendation The Dictionary of Lost Words

I loved all the sections to this story – lots of mini plotlines rolled into one delicious read. Didn’t want to put this one down.

Reader Recommendation A Room made of Leaves

Australian colonial era – a unique female perspective. Very readable and I learned a bit of history along the way.

An addictive read. I normally don’t like stories told from mulitple perspectives, but I really loved this one – it worked so well. Highly recommended.

Another Australian author – very hard-hitting at times. A good read if you want to challenge yourself – it took a while to get into, but then the characters made me want to read to the end.

By the same author as “All Our Shimmering Skies”. I read this one first. Covers some not so nice aspects of society, but is filled with moments of humour as well. I enjoyed “Shimmering Skies” more – but I think that is more to do with taste than the quality of the writing.

An excellent read – very inspiring to see where some drive and determination can take a person despite circumstances. Highly recommend adding this to your book list.

I read this book to challenge myself. It may not be the ultimate book to read about Kamala Harris (vice-president) as she has written an autobiography, but I certainly learned a lot about the USA political system. Takes a bit of brain power to keep up with all the politicians in this book and all the American political terminology.

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